Beekeeping Articles

  • Honey Bee Die-off
    Honeybees dieing off at alarming rate and researchers can not tell the exact reason that honeybees are declining. Without honeybees to pollinate our food sources life would be a struggle to survive without honeybees flying around.
  • Bee Colonies Decline
    Information about the decline of honeybees in the world and how people can get involved to help substain the honeybee population all over the world. Honeybees are essential to help the human race live and without honeybees to pollinate our food sources life would be very difficult to survive.
  • Full-time Beekeeping Business
    A lot of beekeepers in the world are beekeeping rookies and raise honeybees as a hobby rather than turning it into a full-time business. Beekeeping may turn into a very profitable operation. During the normal beekeeping season you could achieve a profit over expenses of up to or over100% by selling your honey or renting out your honeybees for pollination to farmers. Beekeeping doesn’t require acres of land or a lot of time to operate a beekeeping business. This allows everyday people to start a hobby as a beekeeper without a lot of money or time commitments other than harvesting your honey when the time is right.
  • Beekeeping News
    Articles on Beekeeping and raising honeybees
  • Honeybee Swarm Removal
    Honeybees swarm and as a beekeeper you want to hire a professional bee removal company to utilize their services. Bee removal services will capture your honeybees and allow you to place the honeybees in a new beehive. Capturing honeybees that swarm require professional equipment and a lot of patience.
  • Honeybee Races
    Honeybees have different races just as humans with their own unique lifestyles.. There are a vareity of different species or breeds of honeybees throughout the world.. Learn about the main races and characteristics that make honeybees unique.