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Rotoblast H-1000 Honey Extractor with Stand

Price: Only $309



The Rotoblast H-1000 consists of a stainless steel hand powered 2 frame honey extractor with metal gears. This honey extractor handles two beehive frames at a time, a maximum frame size of 11" or anything smaller. The unit comes with: a three leg stand, a stainless steel basket, dual plexiglass piano hinged lids, 1 1/2" valve at the bottom of basket for drainage, along with all cranking assembly shown. This honey extractor is fabricated from high grade stainless steel with MIG welded construction. Please note frames must be removed and turned to extract both sides.

Honey Extractor Specifications:
Diameter of Tank: 16 1/2" wide
Height of Tank: 24 1/2" tall
Height of unit with stand: 41 1/4" tall
Frame Basket: Side one: 11" X 2" X 17" Side two: 11" X 2" X 17"

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4 Frame Electric Honey Extractor with Stand

Price:Only $589



Electric Honey Extractor Specifications:
This honey extractor features 6 Speeds Forward - 6 Speed Reverse - Plus Neutral
It will handle up to 4 Large Frames
All frames must be flipped

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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